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VaultChain™ Institutional

Institutional digital gold and silver trading 24/7

VaultChain™ Institutional allows you to digitally buy & sell physical gold and silver

Vaultchain™ Institutional

VaultChain™️ by Kitco for Institutions, gives access to digitally trade physical gold and silver.  VaultChain™️ represents fine gold & silver held physically at the Royal Canadian Mint. Kitco Vaultchain is powered by the Tradewind ledger using blockchain distributed ledger technology for data accuracy, real-time tracking and transparent auditability. We help you deliver comprehensive, low-cost precious metals trading services to your clients - all while trimming costs, lowering risk, and increasing profits

Why Vaultchain™ Institutional

Purchase Precious Metals Digitally and Directly 

VaultChain™️ is a convenient and cost-efficient way to buy, hold and trade gold & silver via a secure electronic platform that runs on blockchain technology. The physical bullion is held in world-class storage facilities at the Royal Canadian Mint.

You own 100% of the gold and silver in your account, with the Royal Canadian Mint acting solely as a sub-custodian. Your holdings are validated using Tradewind Markets blockchain distributed ledger technology that ensures data accuracy, high grade encryption, real-time tracking, and transparent auditability. You may convert to physical gold & silver or sell your holding at any time in a matter of minutes!

The convenience of holding physical gold & silver without any hassle of physical delivery


This revolutionary platform offers 1:1 direct ownership of fine silver & gold, stored securely within the Royal Canadian Mint’s vault and allocated exclusively for Kitco VaultChain™ holders. As an owner of VaultChain™, you have full title to your holdings at all times, plus the flexibility to buy, sell, hold or request physical delivery of your precious metals. Ideal for any investor would that be small, medium or institutional.


Using blockchain technology, an efficient, direct and safe storage solution, we reduce costs and pass on the savings directly to our clients. Reduced capital charges and increased operational efficiency through automation can reduce costs that will make a difference on your return on investment. Unlike an ETF, VaultChain™ has no on-going management fees. With the efficiencies of the state-of-the-art digital trading platform, VaultChain™ provides one of the lowest costs and most flexible forms of direct precious metals ownership.


VaultChain™ is held, secured and audited at the Royal Canadian Mint’s vault, a highly secure, world-class storage facility. As a VaultChain™ holder, you have full title to your holdings at all times with the title managed by a cryptographically, secure blockchain database. Investors can independently verify ownership and instruct physical delivery.


VaultChain™ trades real-time spot prices 24/7, 365 days a year, in the cash market. With simple and transparent exchange fee structures and public order book trading, account holders have access to the full depth of liquidity and price information. Holding physical gold and silver? You can easily convert your bars and coins that are in your possession to your VaultChain™ account to get all the benefits of the user-friendly, platform. Turn your physical ounces into digital gold & silver. We make the process seamless and will guide you from start to finish!


The Vaultchain™️ for institutions trading platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing customer relationship management, accounting and reporting systems. Custom integrations and features are available upon request. 

To apply for a Vaultchain™️ Institutional account, please contact us via e-mail at

The Vaultchain™️ API can be integrated with customer relationship management, accounting and reporting systems. Custom integrations and features are available upon request. For more details, please contact us via e-mail at

Kitco VaultChain is investment grade physical gold and silver vaulted with the Royal Canadian Mint. VaultChain account balances and ownership are managed on the cryptographically secure Tradewind blockchain database. You may view your holdings at any time on your Tradewind wallet.

Your clients can request physical delivery of their gold at any time. All orders are processed through Kitco’s global retail distribution service.

Vaultchain™ for institutions, allows your customers to easily trade gold using blockchain technology and benefit from low transaction costs, fast settlement times and ability to convert to physical gold at any time.

You can contact our support team via e-mail at We can also be reached by phone during regular business hours at 1-833-972-2424  (USA & Canada) and 514-800-1471 (Worldwide).