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Kitco Digital Metals Group

About us

About Digital Metals Group

Kitco Digital Metals Group is a member of the Kitco group of companies, focused on developing and promoting digital metals products, aiming to be a world leader of precious metals tokens. Its flagship product, DirectReserve™ is a digital trading platform providing businesses unparalleled access to the precious metals markets with custody services and accounts in a convenient and cost-efficient way to buy, hold and trade gold via a secure electronic platform that runs on Tradewind Markets blockchain technology. Kitco Digital Metals Group is the sponsor for the Kitco Gold project.

Kitco provides precious metals products and services to customers in over 80 countries, with media platforms that deliver market data and news to a worldwide audience of millions every day.

With over 40 years’ experience, Kitco is regarded as one of the world’s largest online retailers and full-service providers of precious metals, as well as the leading commodities media organization, recognized internationally for its authority, integrity and accuracy. is visited daily by millions of people around the world and was the first precious metals company to provide investors with real-time market information, news, analysis and online precious metals services.


TradeWind Logo

Tradewind has built a technology platform for digitizing the trading, settlement, and ownership of precious metals. The Tradewind solution combines world-class exchange technology with VaultChain™️, Tradewind's blockchain technology tailored for precious metals. The Tradewind platform has been adopted by leading institutions in the precious metals market.

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FDT is Asia’s leading technology-driven financial institution powering the digital asset industry and servicing fintech innovators including blockchain clients, money service businesses and token issuers. The team is behind the Abacus™️ rapid settlement network and provides APIs, accounting, compliance, fiat gateways, payment rails, pension plans and open finance infrastructure for the industry. More than just another financial institution, FDT is the next-generation trust company.

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Stably is a Seattle-based FinTech that bridges traditional finance (TradFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi). The firm provides compliant infrastructure for a two-sided market, connecting TradFi assets and institutions to blockchain networks and DeFi ecosystems. Stably’s solutions include Stablecoin-as-a-Service (SCaaS) and Crypto Banking-as-a-Service (CBaaS) which offer enterprises, institutions and blockchain development organizations a single compliant access point to manage cash, fiat on/off ramps, cryptocurrencies and tokenized assets such as stablecoins and digital precious metals

Direct Reserve Vaulting

Kitco DR Vaulting offers secure and insured precious metals storage services provided through dedicated global depositories. All depositories are staffed with professionals with extensive experience working in the precious metals industry and offer a full array of custody and logistics services tailor-made to precious metals market participants.